“What we need are hackers. Because hackers have a mind that’s optimized for discovery. They have a mind that’s optimized for figuring out what’s possible.”

– Pablos Holman at TEDxMidwests

Take a water bottle:

Expected thought: What does this do? Holds water, keeps me hydrated.

Hacker thought: What can I make this do? Make a funnel to fill another container, make a musical instrument, use it to make noise and discover other uses by breaking it down to the basic elements.

The above thoughts and discussion were created by or inspired by Pablos Holman at TedxMidwests.

Why is this here?

This is important to my life because it demonstrates a process I made part of my life. Innovators do not become known as innovators by doing the expected and repeating what someone else has already accomplished.

Thank you for your time, please take a look at the Tedx event.